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4 Mossbell Road, Bellshill, ML4 3NW

What do we do?

We collect and sell building materials for re-use.


To bring disadvantaged people back into the workforce.

Why do we do it?


We are

We’re a social enterprise.

We’re the largest re-use centre in the UK specialising in construction waste.

And being the largest gives us more welly to bring disadvantaged people back into the workforce.


85 opportunities and counting...

Over the past year we’ve created more than 85 workplace and volunteering opportunities for local people. By buying from us you’ve helped improve their self-esteem, social skills and future job prospects.

By continuing to buy from us we can help even more people who are disengaged from society, are long-term unemployed or who live with physical or mental disabilities.


The Yooz People

We’re a friendly group of people with a passion for recycling. We want to have a positive impact on our community. We respect each other and welcome everyone’s contribution.

We’re always looking for volunteers who share our positive attitude. Find out more about volunteering with us.


Social and environmental impact

By choosing to support Yooz, you are helping to sustain and develop our vital work in the community. Read our social impact report.

We try hard to minimise our environmental impact in all that we do.


Buying from Yooz helps make our community better

Buy from Yooz and you get cheap building materials for your DIY
and garden products.

But you also help divert waste from landfill and more importantly, you help someone back into the workforce.

On the surface Yooz is about collecting and selling building materials for re-use and diverting waste from landfill.

But what we’re really about is creating a safe and homely environment where people like Katie, George and Anthony feel secure and supported and where they feel they’re contributing to their community.

We create workplace opportunities for people who might not otherwise have one. And when we do that really well  – our friends like Colin and Thomas leave us; they take the skills and experience gained and go on to better and bigger things.  And we couldn’t be happier.

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