Yooz help Bellshill based Sisters!

04 January 2012

Below is the story courtesy of the 'Bellshill Speaker':

'Bellshill Police recently attended the Sisters of St. Peter Claver Convent on Motherwell Rd to offer guidance and advice in relation to some recent unwanted visitors.  Constable Mulholland from the Community Safety Department provided Sister Monica with some safety tips on keeping safe in the home and whilst out and about on the very important visits they make in the Community. 

During the high winds a fence was blown down at the side of the convent and this caused an obstruction of the disabled ramp which in turn caused distress to some of the local elderly people when they attended a Christmas get together.  Due to the great work made in the local area by the sisters, the Police along with the Community Payback team and local charity Yooz decided to pull together to have the fence reinstated.  All of the material needed to have the fence fixed was donated by local charity Yooz, who deal in reclaimed building materials and is operated by Ian Strachan.

Iain said:

"I was delighted to hear that our local services had pulled together to fix a problem for another charitable organisation and due to this I was keen to offer all of the materials needed to reinstate the fence."

Councillor Coyle also showed support to the Community Payback team delivering a great quality service to members of the Community by completing the work at the convent. 

He said:

"I am fully behind the great work of the Community Payback team and have seen some great results in the local area as a result of the work they do.  The staff involved are a great asset to the service and lead the team well.  I attended to visit the team whilst they completed the work on Tuesday and was taken back by how committed they were to the job they completed on the day".

Sister Monica of the Sisters of St. Peter Claver said:

"As Sisters our daily life is spent in prayer and work to make known the needs of the missionaries who work in poor countries. We do this through our missionary magazine, visits to nursing homes and to other parishes. It is important to make everyone aware that they have a part to play - not just the adults but also children, the elderly, the housebound. Very often we don't see the results of our work but our founders always stressed that it's not what we do that counts, what matters is the love and dedication with which we carry out our daily chores.  Through our life of prayer we can reach out to all in need."

She went on

"We have been based in Bellshill for over 25 years - the local community and indeed the people of Scotland have always been wonderfully supportive. Their generosity and their readiness to help have always been a source of strength for us."'



                                          Bellshill Convent Fence